4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Posture

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Posture is important whether we are at rest, performing highly physical tasks, or repetitive actions. Good posture and care of the skeletal system is essential for good health.

What Can You Do to Improve your Posture?

  1. Be aware of your posture

Notice when you feel pain, loss of mobility, or difficulty in doing routine movements. Take notice of how you are holding your body and tune into when you feel pain or difficulty in doing routine movements. Pain is your nervous system warning you of damage, and telling you to change your behaviour.

  1. Be conscious of your breathing

Be aware of how you are breathing. When your breathing is shallow (not down into the abdomen) both your nervous system and internal organ function will be compromised. A slouched, compressed posture will not allow for proper breathing.

  1. Stretch and unload your spine

Anything that moves the spine will contribute greatly to not only your posture, but to your health. Practicing yoga, walking, swimming, and tai chi are all examples of gentle exercise that can be very beneficial for posture and overall wellness through their effect on the nervous system.

  1. Consult your chiropractor

Chiropractic care, through improved spinal motion and nerve function, can help improve overall brain function and therefore many aspects of health, including your posture.

Get a detailed assessment of your condition from your trusted chiropractor in Canberra to see if misalignments of the spine could be getting in the way of your quest for excellent health.

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Total Value $280.00 – Yours for only $125.00
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